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Are you passionate about discovering the world and experiencing new places and cultures? 7travels was created by travel enthusiasts as a way to organize, document and share your travel adventures. With you can create:
  • a list of visited countries and territories, with optional notes and pictures
  • a travel map of visited countries and territories
  • a publicly-accessible travel profile that you can share with your friends
  • a list of your trips, with optional trip info, route maps and pictures
  • a quick&easy travel blog and a picture gallery, if you feel like it
  • a Wordpress plugin with visited countries for your blog
Check out some screenshots of what's available below:



To get a better idea of what you can do with this site, check out a sample travel profile created with 7travels by clicking here.

The site's main functionality is described below in three easy steps:

1. Create an account (help)  2. Enter your visited countries (help)  3. Review and share your profile (help) 

More stuff that you can do with 7travels includes:

1. Add an optional blog (help)  2. Add trip information (help)  3. See travel stats of all users (help) 

The world is yours to discover

Don't lose track of your adventures! If you don't have an account yet, go ahead and get one now. It's fast, easy and fun. If you're already a registered user, start with the help page or log in and start using the site. And most of all, have fun!

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